About Us

About Us

Striving to
change the world…

Our hearts beat to drive re-assessment and correction of vehicle fleet risk. In most cases, these  uncertainties stem from being forced to deal with imminent dangers and costly frustrations ‘after the fact.’

A solution was required to provide drastic change.

With collective experience of over 40-years at the top of the electronic engine-manipulation game, our resources, skills and experience places Muller Developments at the very spear-tip of preventative vehicle control – and thus, redefined fleet management capabilities

Presenting the world’s first decisively ‘Proactive Vehicle-Limiting’ platform.

Our mission has always been to successfully spearhead a proactive revolution in the management of vehicle fleets in South Africa – and across the world.

Since the ‘umbrella’ nature of this genuinely progressive technology has not existed until now, businesses across the world have had no choice but to engage with and respond to the remote-oversight and reactive guidance of telematic services and technologies.

This means renowned and cutting-edged technologies, we are pioneering the world of safe, active, real-time and remote preventions, immobilisers, limitations and SMART speed/ RPM governors.

Moving with purpose, we sought to find and isolate each specific vehicle concern to your business and package it for an all-encompassing, physical vehicle control platform.