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Pushing the Performance Envelope...

MDP proudly represents our fiercely-competitive vehicle performance origins.

As a stalwart of trusted Electronic & Mechanical enhancement, our roots signify your assurance in years of experience and success in cutting-edged parts, electronic engine management and dyno-tuned optimisation (2WD & 4WD Dyno)

Over the past 18-years, our Performance wing has built an enduring reputation among general vehicle owners and racers – from around the world. We pride ourselves in affording our valued customers a personal touch that only stems from years of innovative experience and professionalism.

Having begun in the competitive world of top-level motorsport, we became renowned as the dyno-specialists of choice at Zwartkops Raceway. Now a stone’s throw from the circuit in Sunderland Ridge, Centurion, we continue to embrace our roots – and our facility has allowed us to expand the business in order to offer our far-reaching skills to the mechanically conscious everyday driver and vehicle fleet owner or manager.

Our Renowned Services:

  1. Diagnostic fault-finding
  2. Hardwired/ Plug-and-Play Unichip & Spitronics systems
  3. Performance software upgrades
  4. OEM and Hybrid turbocharger upgrades
  5. Performance modifications, fabrication and installation
  6. 2WD & 4WD Dyno Tuning (in-house power runs & function testing)
  7. Sale & installation of water-methanol kits.
  8. Specialist mechanical repairs.
  9. Service and maintenance.

Proudly again, our technical progress over the years has taken our ability to safely and finely manipulate vehicle electronic functionality to a broader commercial market. The Product of this collaborative development with Dastek SA around Unichip capabilities, has seen the birth of Intelligent Vehicle Management, or simply IVM.

These are exciting times indeed!

Developing the capability of Unichip tech to reverse its role for ‘preventative Vehicle-Limiting’  purposes – particularly in the context of fleet asset safety & security – presents an opportunity that is, in many respects, the very first of its kind.

This is a testament to decades of Dastek technology evolution and our pioneering mutual development exploits.

We will never stop pushing the envelope.


Electronic Hardware/ Software Installs, Updates & Upgrades

Specialist Dyno Tuning – Performance/ Safety Installations – Modification – Fabrication

Single & Fleet Maintenance, Repair & Optimisation Services

Resultant Savings – #customerisalways#1