Rapid innovation in fleet vehicle management ‘solutions’ has created a glut of promises that are largely passive and demand administratively-testing reaction by fleet managers to prevent disruption and refine operations going forward.

With over 40 collective years of experience in world-renowned electronic engine manipulation and enhancement, Dastek Automotive SA and Muller Developments have successfully committed years of R&D to push the envelope directly towards game-changing onboard vehicle preventions, limitations and governors.

Our tireless mission was to solve quite possibly the biggest problem that fleet vehicle owners, directors and managers face. Reacting to alerts to incidents that have already happened instead of electronically preventing them in the first place.

Now with access to holistically preventative measures, every fleet-dependent business can now counteract many of the traditionally reactive ways in which are currently forced to be managed.

Muller Developments and Dastek SA therefore present world-class technology for safe, physical, real-time electronic vehicle controls and all the benefits that will follow.

Proudly representing this technology, Muller Developments is here to buck this reactive trend and strategically introduce your desired controls, before any one of your drivers even turns a key.

By safely intervening where necessary, your solution is safely customised to your fleet’s biggest needs. Many of these outcomes are particularly valuable for control of geographically dispersed fleets of any size or manufacturer mix.

As each business presents it largest causes of fleet concern, we immediately assess how to most decisively act on these. By providing innovative solutions to overcoming large and concerning company-fleet pitfalls and dangers, we pride ourselves on continuing to resolve even the most niggling and frustrating of your daily problems.

Our introductory solutions effectively span ironclad immobilisation and anti-hijack facilities, misuse and abuse preventions, protective limiting of drivers for enforced compliance and critical oversight of mechanical safety.

Immediately, you will discover enhanced efficiencies, reduced costs and effective management of all risk – particularly to your invaluable reputation.

General driver education, behaviour and disciplinary processes can be particularly touchy subjects. The human factor within your business is perhaps the weakest link and we pride ourselves on the fact that Muller Developments’ offerings can very well form a genuinely proactive re-evaluation of your current Driver Safety Policy.

Most of our solutions are handled entirely electronically, unless the vehicles concerned require mechanical interventions. However, although we offer your ideal pre-set restrictions to ensure driver compliance and asset protection, the capabilities of our technology increase exponentially when ‘on the spot’ interventions are designed to take place via revolutionary vehicle-tracking related innovations.

For the first time, you can initiate preventative measures of your own as you see them happening. Safely engage or disengage key vehicle functions, such as reducing power or accelerator access to RPM. Punishing harsh accelerating, cornering and breaking or prohibiting unauthorised after-hours vehicle use, as great examples, are now at your fingertips.

Defined by the criteria demanded of your specific fleet, we safely guarantee reduced overall operational costs, wastage of human resources and the expensive/ time-consuming administration thereof.

Although introduction and company-justification of new processes into your systems are undoubtedly complicated, consider the advantageous long-term benefits of a partner like Muller Developments and the solutions we are excited to develop as your business evolves.

So, what are your biggest fleet headaches? Muller Developments is here to help. There is a tailored preventative vehicle-limiting solution for your specific, ultimate driver and asset control – and most crucially, our assurance of your peace of mind.

Muller Developments exists for one timeless philosophy: Prevention is always better than cure.