Re-think your business’ complicated risk management strategies with a whole new level of fleet vehicle control.  Dastek SA’s dedicated Intelligent Vehicle Management technology (IVM) now delivers proven, programmed and discreetly installed ‘Connect-Ready’ Electronic Vehicle-Limiting control over your most valued company assets. And this designed around your needs.

Fact is; Intelligent Vehicle Management has been likened by many to a “newfound non-negotiable Driver Safety Policy.”So, with it the opportunity for you to engage your teams – dispersed or local – and exceed all previous operational safety and efficiency benchmarks.

With safely customised and far-reaching electronic interventions to prevent speeding, vehicle misuse/ abuse and various ground-breaking enforced driver compliance features, IVM and a designed solution from Muller Developments provide pro-active results – in the very literal sense.

South African born IVM technology thus represents the ground-breaking jump that the fleet management world has been waiting for.

Pioneering, non-invasive vehicle CANbus systems control, electronically monitors and prevents mechanical harm and vehicle misuse/ abuse. To this end, Intelligent Vehicle Management introduces the revolutionary enforcement of safe, effective and involuntary driver obedience to not only the law, but company policy.

Dastek’s proven Unichip-derived and mutually-developed IVM technology has the ability to dispense with critical fleet management challenges – by electronically preventing them in the first place. The resounding result: safely protecting both assets and drivers.

Discreet ‘Connect-Ready’ installation means that IVM goes to work immediately. Speed governing and RPM limiting functionality supplement obligatory driver seatbelt engagement. All the while, IVM listens to the ‘heartbeat’ of each vehicle and protectively reacts to imminent mechanical danger.

And this, folks, is just the beginning.

Based on the ever-growing ‘Connect Ready’ list of OEM models, fleets of all shapes and sizes are heartily invited to enquire about how the specific and safe driver control software can vastly assist with vehicle management insomnia.

Classed neither as a ‘telematics’ solution, nor yet another ‘immobilisation’ device, IVM’s uniquely-defined, electronic preventions, limiters and speed governors, function to your fleet’s requirements with your list of desired pre-set interventions.

That said however, revolutionary progress is being made with reputable tracking partners to provide real-time remote interventions to key vehicle functions, from your mobile, laptop or tablet.

Collaborative partnerships such as this have broken through the ceiling of traditionally reactive fleet management practices. Since the 1980’s, countless evolving feature benefits to various tracking service providers have made them globally trusted organisations. And since then, millions of fleet-reliant businesses across the world have sought the benefits of these oversights.

This means that vehicle tracking providers and MullerDev/ IVM have an ideally symbiotic relationship. The former alerts to the issue and the latter enforces any additional required restrictions. On-the-Spot.

Having newfound control over various common, yet seemingly unavoidable daily hazards will naturally reduce risk, but also bring a welcome reduction is data requirements.

A customised Muller Developments electronic vehicle-limiting solution represents a new paradigm. A complete mindset-shift towards iron-fisted electronic fleet-vehicle control and driver compliance – thereby introducing your company to newly invigorated efficiencies, general productivity and driver safety/ asset security.

Whether specific model development is required or not, our 32-dealer strong countrywide network have your physically compliant vehicles out on the road – and when managed effectively, operating at a new level of productive optimisation… and ultimately, comprehensive risk reduction.